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Thursday 16th February 2017


Horse Name Workout Details Statisics Extras
ALWAYS READY Paced 2F in 27.2
BIG FIVE O Breezed 5F in 1:03.1
BIRD MAN Paced 2F in 28.0
BUFFALO SOLDIER Breezed 5F in 1:01.4
BULLETPROOF Breezed 4F in 53.4
CHANCES Paced 4F in 59.3
COUNTESS LEAH Breezed 4F in 52.1
CRAMERS RULE Breezed 4F in 50.2
CUDDYMOTO Breezed 4F in 49.4
FILLYOURPOCKET Breezed 5F in 1:04.4
FINAL NOTICE Breezed 4F in 51.0
FORTUNE TELLER Breezed 3F in 39.0
FREE PASSAGE Breezed 4F in 50.1
GETAWAY Breezed 3F in 39.4
HAIL THE CHIEF Breezed 4F in 50.0
HURRICANE HARRY Paced 3F in 44.1
IT'S AN ICON Breezed 3F in 36.4
JESSE'S GIRL Breezed 4F in 51.4
JUNEAU Breezed 3F in 37.1
KING ARTHUR Breezed 3F in 37.1
LADY MESSIAH Paced 4F in 57.0
LEADING LADY Breezed 5F in 1:01.1
LET IT RIDE Paced 4F in 57.0
LORD SILVER Breezed 3F in 37.1
MAFIA MAN Breezed 4F in 50.0
MAN ON FIRE Breezed 4F in 52.0
MIRKANA Paced 2F in 27.0
MONEY MATTERS Breezed 5F in 1:04.4
PART TIME LOVER Breezed 4F in 52.0
PEACE N GLORY Breezed 3F in 38.1
PRETTY COOL Breezed 4F in 51.0
RIDE THE TIDE Breezed 2F in 25.2
ROYAL BALLET Breezed 2F in 23.3 Gate
ROYAL MOON Breezed 4F in 49.1
SETTLED D'ACCOUNT Paced 2F in 29.4
SUNSET CLOUD Paced 2F in 29.4
TIS A PLEASURE Paced 2F in 29.4
U CRAZY DIAMOND Breezed 2F in 26.4
VALOROUS Breezed 5F in 1:01.1
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