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Rules and Regulations


The Arima Race Club wishes to remind the betting public of the rules governing wagers on the World Cup football matches which is as follows:-

(1) Straight wagers made on all football matches are based on the results of the game after the original 90 minutes have been played and does not take into account the results of matches that may go into extra time or are decided on penalty kicks.
(2) For members of the public wishing to wager on football matches that includes the results after extra time and/or penalty kicks you are hereby advised to:-
(a) Look for the following selections on the screen of the machine – TEASER, PARLAY or STRAIGHT
(b) When you select the way you wish to play you then need to select the following codes:-

(i) – to bet on the results of the match on the first 90 minutes of the game;

(ii) – to bet on the results of the game at the end of the first half; or

 (iii) – to bet on the results of the game which includes extra time and/or penalty kicks.

The Arima Race Club wishes to use this medium to thank you for your patronage of our new “Sports Betting” initiative and looks forward to your continued support as we intend to offer betting on the upcoming Caribbean Premier League cricket matches. 

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