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Post Time Poker

Post Time Poker is the first Texas Hold'em game where instead of simply playing the hand you’re dealt, you get to choose which hand (or hands) to play! 

Each game opens with 12 Texas Hold’em hands dealt face up, along with the center FLOP card. Then you wager on what you believe the final results will be once the other four FLOP cards are dealt. You wager just like you’re at the races ... Win, Place & Show ... Exactas, Trifectas, & Superfectas ... Carryovers ... Huge Pools ... Longshot Payoffs ... Worldwide Simulcast!  

Post Time Poker is fast-paced, fair, and fun. You’ve never seen anything like it, but once you play, we think you’ll believe that it’s the real deal! 


View Post Time Poker here LIVE and wager at Arima Race Club. First game starts at 1:00pm and goes up to 8:00pm Everyday execpt Sundays.


How to Play

A new game begins every ten minutes, and opens with 12 two-card Texas Hold’em hands being dealt face-up, followed by the center card of a five-card community FLOP pile, also dealt face-up. The deal takes between 60 and 90 seconds, and shown below is a sample table layout as wagering begins.

The object of the game is to predict the order in which the highest-scoring hands will finish once the remaining four “FLOP” cards are dealt and exposed. But you must also evaluate changing odds and payoffs as other players wager into each pool. Each wagering period lasts for approximately four minutes. Once the wagering period closes, the final four FLOP cards are dealt into their respective positions. The hands are then ranked using standard poker scoring, and official results are posted.


Post Time Poker uses a pari-mutuel wagering system, including the following available wagers:


  • WIN: you must pick the hand that is ranked 1st.
  • PLACE: your chosen hand must rank either 1st or 2nd.
  • SHOW: your chosen hand must rank either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.


  • EXACTA: you must pick the two hands ranked 1st & 2nd, in exact order.
  • TRIFECTA: you must pick the three hands ranked 1st, 2nd,& 3rd, in exact order.
  • SUPERFECTA: you must pick the four hands ranked 1st through 4th, in exact order.


  • FOUR-OF-A-KIND: a wager that any of the 12 hands, or the FLOP pile, will include four-of-a-kind.
  • STRAIGHT FLUSH: a wager that any of the 12 hands, or the FLOP pile, will include a straight flush.
  • HIGH FLOP: a wager that the FLOP pile will rank first above all other hands.

Note: Exotics and Field Wagers are “carryovers”; all losing wagers are carried over and included in the next deal’s pools until hit.

Sample Deal

Shown below is a sample screen that would be displayed on monitors at brick & mortar locations, such as tracks and OTB’s. Card values and odds are shown in the upper left-hand section; the live studio feed is in the upper right; and certain payoffs and pool values are shown in the lower section.


Certain things are apparent so far:

  • Hand #12 is “in the lead” with a pair of Kings, and as might be expected, its odds so far are the lowest.
  • Hand #6 is also showing low odds, being the second-ranked hand with a pair of 5’s.
  • Hands #5 & 7 are tied, but #5’s odds are lower. This might mean that players see a greater flush potential since fewer clubs are out than hearts.
  • Hands #4 & 7 both show flush potential, yet hand #7 has higher odds even though it’s Ace outranks hand #4’s Jack. This might present an opportunity for certain bettors.
  • Hand #1 is the only hand with three of the five required cards to form a straight.
  • The “4-OAK” (four-of-a-kind) carryover might be worth a field wager, since a pair of 5’s and Kings are both showing, with no other 5’s or Kings on the board.
  • The ST-FLUSH (straight flush) carryover looks unlikely since in this particular deal, one could only be formed if the four remaining FLOP cards were all part of a straight flush.
  • The HI-FLOP carryover also looks unlikely, since there are two Aces out so far, as well as many other potentially high-scoring hands.
  • Sample Results

    Shown below is a sample results screen. This particular FLOP hand has generated two “favorites” (hands #6 & 12) as well as two “longshots” (hands #8 & 10) included in this deals highest-scoring hands. Payoffs for wagers including hand #10 were relatively large, due to it being viewed by most players as a longshot. 


    Two other things to note in this example:

    1) The 4-OAK carryover hit! Those other two 5’s did, in fact, make it out into the FLOP hand.

    2) No player correctly chose a winning Superfecta combination of all four hands in exact order, therefore that pool was carried over to the next deal (along with the Straight Flush and Hi-FLOP field wagers).

    View Post Time Poker here LIVE and wager at Arima Race Club. First game starts at 1:00pm and goes up to 8:00pm Everyday execpt Sundays.


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